Laser Welding Machines

Tiger Weld Laser BH-1.5/BH-2.0

28.000,00 36.000,00  +VAT

The new generation TIGER WELD BH-1.5 and BH-2.0 laser welding machine is able to optimize welding processes through simplification of operations, excellent penetration on all types of materials. The fiber optic laser welding process consists of fusing the joining area with a high energy and heat beam, with constant and stable power, without absorbing much electrical energy.

MMA Welding Machines

Little Job 200 MMA

300,00  +VAT

Little Job 200 MMA welder is specially designed for DIY projects, with small size, cheap price and the most used of 1ph ± 220V volt input. It focuses on high quality MMA welding. The Little Job 200 MMA welder is also equipped with a TIG lifting function and its digital tube can display the current real time. The electrode size can be chosen between φ2.5-4.0 for a wide range of applications.

MIG-MAG Welding Machines


2.800,00  +VAT

This welding equipment supports MIG / TIG / MMA welding. It supports synergic adjustment, other parameters will automatically change with the current, which makes it easy to use for beginners. With the 4.3 inch LCD screen, all parameters can be displayed in real time for easy viewing.

Fighter MIG-500

5.900,00  +VAT

FIGHTER MIG -500 Multiprocess MMA/TIG/MIG in one model!

It uses the latest technology- Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) power modules.
This device is distinguished by its excellent dynamic response, portability, small size, light weight, low power consumption, etc.

FIGHTER MIG 500 series is suitable for welding different materials such as steel, carbon, stainless steel, etc. It can therefore be used for the metal industry, repairs of

machinery and equipment, architecture, fabrication and repair of plants in the petrochemical industry for sheet metal working, etc.


8.000,00 11.000,00  +VAT

This welding machine adopts IGBT soft switch inverter technology, three-phase power input, after rectification, will be converted to 20KHz high frequency AC by IGBT, then the voltage drops after the HF transformer, the second rectification and filtering for be a suitable DC for welding. Through this process, the dynamic response speed of the welded feeder is improved and makes it more compact. The control circuit controls the entire machine, so that the welding power supply has a good anti-grid fluctuation capacity and excellent welding performance.

TIG Welding Machines

Magic ACDC GMIG 220C

3.500,00  +VAT

This portable, powerful and easy to use welder can be used for MMA / AC TIG / DC TIG / MIG welding. The available input voltage ranged from 95V to 275V.The maximum thickness of the welded material can reach 11m.

Plasma Cutting

Magic GCUT-40

2.200,00  +VAT

This professional plasma cutter adopts contact arc starting, which is suitable for cutting thick plate and grid plate. The maximum cutting thickness can reach 45 mm.

Traditional Welding Accessories