Tiger Weld Laser BH-1.5/BH-2.0

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The new generation TIGER WELD BH-1.5 and BH-2.0 laser welding machine is able to optimize welding processes through simplification of operations, excellent penetration on all types of materials. The fiber optic laser welding process consists of fusing the joining area with a high energy and heat beam, with constant and stable power, without absorbing much electrical energy.

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  • Ease of use even by inexperienced welder
  • Welding speed 2 to 10 times higher than traditional argon arc welding
  • Handy and easily transportable
  • Reduced power consumption Max (1500W 4-6 KWh / 2000W 4-8KWh)
  • Low smoke emission – low pollution
  • Reduced heat input
  • Reduced deformation of the piece
  • Uniform / smooth clean welding does not require further polishing therefore saving of labor and post welding time
  • Excellent penetration on various types of materials
  • Zero material consumption
  • Use of Nitrogen for all types of material
  • Using Argon on aluminum offers greater performance but is not essential
  • Consumable parts (Nozzles) have a long service life
  • Long life of the welding machine
  • Minimal maintenance

     Variations of use:

  • Welding with filler wire with separate automatic wire feeder (diam.0.8 to diam.1.6) for materials that cannot be easily coupled
  • Material cutting
  • 90 ° welded on both sides
  • Overlap welding
  • Flat seam welding
  • Spot welding
  • Circular welding

Materials :

Galvanized sheet
Stainless steel
Carbon steel
Galvanized steel
Copper alloy
Aluminum alloy


1500W thickness 0.2-6.0mm

2000W thickness 0.2-8.0mm

Fields of application:

  • Metallurgical industry, mechanical construction, railings, windows, stainless steel doors,
  • shelving, stairs and elevators;
  • Food sector, household supplies, ovens, cookers, kitchen utensils, sinks, appliances, stainless steel processing;
  • Stainless steel furniture furniture;
  • Advertising signs;
  • Medical devices;
  • Automotive;
  • Gymnastic equipment;
  • Lighting sector;
  • Sheet metal processing sector;
  • Tanks sector, tanks;


Power 1500W

Wavelength of the laser 1080 ± 3nm

Instability of output power <3%

Power consumption of the machine max 6KWh

Power supply 220V ± 10% 50HZ 1PH

TIGER WELD BH-1.5 laser welding capability

Material Thickness

Single side welding


Double side welding


Welding with filler

steel 4mm . 8mm . 3.5mm .
galvanized steel 4mm . 8mm . 3.5mm .
mild steel 4mm . 8mm . 3.5mm .
titanium alloy 4mm . 8mm . 3.5mm .
alluminium 3mm . 6mm . 2,8 mm .
copper 1,5 mm . 3mm . 1,3mm .


Power 2000W

Wavelength of the laser 1080 ± 3nm

Instability of output power <3%

Power consumption of the machine max 8KWh

Power supply 380V ± 10% 50HZ 3PH

TIGER WELD BH-2.0 laser welding capability

Material thickness

Single side welding


Double side welding


Wire Weld.

steel 5mm . 10mm . 4,5 mm .
galvanized steel 5mm . 10mm . 4,5 mm .
mild steel 5mm . 10mm . 4,5 mm .
titanium alloy 5mm . 10mm . 4,5 mm .
alluminium 4mm . 8mm . 3.5mm .
copper 2mm . 4mm . 1,8 mm .

Weld comparison

Traditional MMA MIG TIG welding Laser welding
Welding speed Slow 4-10 times Faster
High Low Heat
Deformation of the piece High Low
Bond strength to base material Normal Excellent
Appearance of the weld Fish scale lines Linear
Post welding processing Cleaning and / or polishing None
Consumables Electrode / gas / nozzles Shielding gas (Wire if used)
Operational difficulty Complicated Simple
Operator safety Not sure Safe
impact on the environment Medium / high Absent
Adjustable spot width no yes
Welding quality contrast. Bad Excellent
Adjustable welding mode no 6 modes
Energy consumption Medium low
Energy rating IP23 4


Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 90 × 70 × 125 cm

BH-1.5, BH-2.0


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