Magic TIG 250

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This welding equipment supports MMA&DC TIG&AC TIG welding. The new electronic high frequency(electronic HF)technology makes arc ignition easy and effective. All the parameters can be adjusted according to different welding applications. The TIG welder is featured with AC Balance, Pulse and remote control function. Remote controlled welding torch and foot pedal available allow for easily controlling welding process. The arc force of thermal arc starting can be adjusted for different applications. Digital tube can display preset and real-time parameters for easy viewing.

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  • Adjustable weld cleaning: the cleaning action can be adjusted between 15% to 50%, ensuring quality and smooth weld.
  • Use electronic HF striking, ensuring easy and effective arc ignition as well as low level of pollution and noise.
  • AC frequencies from 25 to 250Hz are available to achieve different welding speeds.
  • PFC technology (MAGIC AC GTIG 250P): the input voltage ranges from 1ph 95V to 275V, with a power factor up to 99%, ensuring lower power consumption. The highest electrical efficiency and stable weld output can be realized.
  • This stick welder is designed with a 16A plug meeting European standard, where low welding current is required, ensuring safe and stable welding operations.
  • Bilevel: two different predetermined current settings can be easily switched during the welding process, so that there will not be no burning-through, the quality and efficiency of welding can be ensured.
  • Pulse operation: enable this equipment to weld thinner metals and high heat conductive metals without burning through, all the parameters can be adjusted according to the application.
  • Multi-waveform output (MAGIC AC TIG 250W): triangle wave, sine wave, square wave are available.
  • Optional remote controllers (up/down or speed potentiometer TIG torch) for automated welding in a convenient manner.
  • With hot start function, a peak of current will be delivered by the welder during arc striking, making it easy for starting electrode. Adjustable arc force settings ensure optimal welding effect.
  • Using soft switching technology ensures low power loss and a stable arc, providing smooth welding. It also makes sure IGBT will have long service life.
  • This welder adopts patented Smart-V technology and adjustable OCV (operated circuit voltage), providing low power loss and safe welding process. Comparing with welding machine fitted with VRD (voltage reduce device), it features quicker arc ignition.
  • Intelligent protection against low voltage, over voltage, over current and over heat; automatic alarm and weld output stop due to abnormal operation condition, providing great protection of operator and machine.
  • A generator can be used for supplying power.
  • Microprocessor-controlled welding equipment supports digital display and convenient program updating.


  • Standard
    • Welding cable with electrode holder – 200A – 25 mm² – 3m, 35-70 mm² welding connector
    • Earth cable with ground clamp – 300A – 25 mm² – 3m, 35-70 mm² welding connector
    • ECR26 TIG torch
  • Optional
    • Up/down TIG Torch
    • Potentiometer TIG Torch
    • Foot pedal
    • Water tank
    • Welder gas hose

Parametri tecnici:

Power Supply Valtage(V) 1~100/110/120/127±10% 1~200/220/230/240±10%
Frequency(Hz) 50/60Hz
Rated input power(kw) 3.4 3.3 4 3.9 6.7 6.8 7.2 7.1
Rated input Current(A) 31.5 30.6 37.1 36.5 31.1 31.4 32.1 31.8
Effective Current(A) 19.9 19.4 23.5 23.1 15.6 15.7 17.6 17.4
Duty Cycle(40℃ 10min) 40%140A 40%140A 40%110A 40%110A 25%250A 25%250A 30%200A 30%200A
60%110A 60%110A 60%80A 60%80A 60%130A 60%130A 60%130A 60%130A
100%80A 100%80A 100%60A 100%60A 100%100A 100%100A 100%100A 100%100A
No load Voltage(V) 52(Controlled)
Power Factor 0.98
Up/Down Slope Time(S) 0-10
Pre/Post Flow(S) 0.1-10/1-10
Start/Welding/Crater/Current Range(A) 10-140 5-140 10-110 5-110 10-250 5-250 10-200 5-200
Clearance Effect(AC TIG)% 15-50
Mulit-AC Waveforms Square
AC Frequency(Hz) 25-250
Pulse Frequency(Hz) 0.5-200(Hz)
Pulse Width Range(%) 5-100
Net Weight(kg) 22.5
Dimensions(mm) 470×250×400 385×120×240 385×120×240 385×120×240 385×120×240 385×120×240 385×120×240 385×120×240
Protection Class IP23
Insulation Class F
Cooling AF

Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 90 × 70 × 125 cm


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