This welding equipment is specially designed for DIY projects, with a small size, economic price and the most widely used input volt 1ph±220V. It focuses on high quality MMA welding. Little Job 200 MMA welder is also featured with lift TIG function and its digital tube can display the current real-time. Electrode size can be chosen from φ2.5-4.0 for a wide range of applications.


Inverter MMA lift Tig

  • Suitable for domestic work and small workshops.
  • connection power: 220 / 230V ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz,
  • welding current (A): 5 ~ 200,
  • electrodes: Ø 2.5, Ø 3.2, Ø 4.0,
  • toggle switch for TIG: YES (according to the tig procedure),
  • intermittent 35% @ 200 A, 100% @ 120 A
  • Uo = 69 V (various EVB electrodes)
  • weight (kg): 4
  • warranty: two years

Complete with electrode holder and ground.


Possibility to purchase a TIG torch and reduction valve (touch ignition)