This welding equipment supports MIG/TIG/MMA welding. It supports synergic adjustment, other parameters will change automatically with the current, which makes it easy to operate for beginners. With the 4.3-inch LCD screen, all parameters can be displayed real time for easy viewing.


  • This welder uses 4.3-inch LCD screen, with all parameters and data displayed real time for easy viewing.
  • All-steel design is sturdy, hard and suitable for heavy industrial application.
  • Memory function: There are 9 channels to save the records of previous welding. The data retrieved from the memory enable direct welding, needless to be reset.
  • This welder supports MIG&TIG&MMA welding, which makes it suitable for different applications and industries.
  • Synergic adjustment: This welder supports synergic adjustment, all parameters can be adjusted automatically according to the change of the current, which makes it easy to operate for beginners.
  • Soft switching: using soft switching technology ensures low power loss and a stable arc, providing smooth welding. It also makes sure IGBT has long service life.
  • PFC technology(MAGIC GMIG 250C): PFC technology is integrated in the welding machine, which features an input voltage ranging from 1ph 95V to 275V, and a power factor up to 99%. The high electrical efficiency and stable welding output can be realized due to the PFC technology. This welder is designed with a 16A plug meeting European standard. 8. Low welding current is required, ensuring safe and stable welding operations.
  • This welder adopts patented Smart-V technology and adjustable OCV (operated circuit voltage), providing low power loss and safe welding process. Comparing with welding machine fitted with VRD (voltage reduce device), it features quicker arc ignition.
  • Intelligent protection for low-voltage, over-current, over-heat. automatic alarm and weld output stop due to abnormal operation condition, providing great protection of operator and machine.
  • A generator can be used for supplying power.
  • Microprocessor-controlled welding equipment supports digital display and convenient program updating.
  • 5kg&15kg welding spool size available.

Accessories :

Technical parameters:

Power Supply Valtage(V) 3~380/400/415/440±10% 1~100/110/120/127±10% 1~200/220/230/240±10%
Frequency(Hz) 50/60Hz
Rated input power(kw) 7.1 5.8 8.2 3.6 2.7 3.4 7.7 5.9 8.6
Rated input Current(A) 14.9 12.6 17.6 32.6 24.8 31.4 36.2 27 40
Effective Current(A) 8.8 7.5 10.4 32.6 24.8 31.4 22.9 17.1 25.3
Duty Cycle(40℃ 10min) 35%250A 100%140A 100%140A 100%110A 40%250A 40%250A 40%250A
60%210A 60%195A 60%195A 60%195A
100%150A 100%158A 100%158A 100%158A
No load Voltage(V) 45(Controlled) 45(Controlled) 45(Controlled)
Welding Current Range(A) 10~250 10~140 10~140 10~110 10~250 10~250 10~250
Welding Voltage Range(V) 10~30 10~30 10~30
Efficiency(%) 90 80 82 82 85 85 85
Power Factor 0.99
Wire Diameter(mm) Fe:0.6/0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2 Ss:0.8/1.0/1.2 AI:0.9/1.0/1.2 Flux:0.9(self-shield)/1.0/1.2
Net Weight(kg) 18 22
Dimensions(mm) 504×223×421 534×223×421
Protection Class IP23 IP23
Insulation Class F F
Cooling AF AF