MOD. Magic GCUT-40

This professional plasma cutter adopts contact arc starting, which is suitable for cutting thick plate and grid plate. The maximum cutting thickness can reach 45 mm.


  • Microprocessor-controlled welding equipment supports digital display and convenient program updating
  • Contact arc starting
  • Soft switching technology(gcut-40&cut-60s&100s): soft switching technology ensures low power loss and a stable arc, providing smooth welding. It also makes sure IGBT will have long service life.
  • PFC technology(gcut-40): PFC technology is integrated in the welding machine, which features an input voltage ranging from 1ph 95V to 275V, and a power factor up to 99%. The high electrical efficiency and stable welding output can be realized due to the PFC technology. This cutter is designed with a 16A plug meeting European standard. Low cutting current is required, ensuring safe and stable cutting operations without tripping.
  • The torch and Earth cable are configured to the machine, so that you can start welding immediately without extra installation. (MAGIC CUT-30S)
  • Intelligent protection for low-voltage, over-current, over-heat. Automatic alarm and output stop due to abnormal operation condition, providing great protection of operator and machine.


  • Plasma torch
  • Earth cable with ground clamp – 300A – 16 mm² – 3m, 35-70 mm² welding connector
  • Welder gas hose
Power Supply Valtage(V) 1~100/110/120/127±10% 1~200/220/230/240±10%
Frequency(Hz) 50/60
Rated input power(kw) 3.9 5.1
Rated input Current(A) 33.7 23.4
No Load Voltage(V) 460
Cutting Current Range(A) 20~30 20~40
Pilot Current(A) 20
Duty Cycle(40℃ 10min) 30%30A/96V 40%40A/96V
100%21A 100%38A
Maxcutting thickness(mm,carbon steel) ≤15 ≤25
Quality cutting thickness(mm)  Carbon Steel ≤12 ≤20
 Stainless Steel ≤10 ≤18
 Aluminum ≤8 ≤14
 Copper ≤6 ≤12
Net Weight(kg) 12.6
Dimensions(mm) 430×170×270
Protection Class IP23
Insulation Class F
Cooling AF